• Overview & Features


The Optidress E Form Wheel Dresser easily mounts to your surface grinder — without removing the job from the chuck. Reduce the chore of form wheel dressing to seconds instead of hours, and free your highly trained operators for other tasks.



  • Tolerances to .0001”
  • Spindle-mounted — redresses wheel in seconds without interfering with standard operation
  • Multiple dressing in a single set-up — do a combination of angles and radii
  • Highly accurate — forms wheels to ± 0.0002”
  • Dress a wheel in under 3 minutes — redress it in seconds
  • Improves toolmakers’ skills as well as production times and accuracy
  • Most applications have a one-year payback
  • Proven design — thousands of units in use across the nation


Optidress E Form Grinding Wheel Dresser