• Overview & Features

Optidress E Diamond Wheel Profiling SystemOverview

The Optidress E Diamond Wheel Profiling System, available for use with the Optidress E Form Wheel Dresser, provides a highly cost-effective alternative to creep feed or crush grinding, as well as off-line form wheel dressing. Crush grinders require a separate diamond roll for each shape, while the Optidress Wheel Profiling System lets you redress the same grinding wheel multiple times.



  • Controlled dresser arm movements   (±0.0001” in all directions)
  • Dress form wheels up to 12” in diameter
  • Works quickly and accurately
  • Form or redress grinding wheels without removing them from the machine spindle
  • Free video available
  • Precision International also offers specially-designed resin bonded diamond wheels for use with this system (not a requirement)