• Overview

RM Rotary Fixture for the RG9

The RM is a CNC controlled, rotary fixture which replaces the normal tool post on an RG9 CNC grinding machine. The RM provides for:

  • Coning via continuous rotation – under CNC control to produce cones or chamfers on tools, such as:
    - drill studs
    - golf-tee PcBN inserts
  • Indexing to a position accuracy of 1/2000th of a degree for manufacture of multiple tooth tools, such as end mills, reamers and spade drills
  • Peripheral Grinding when used in conjunction with the TSU2

K-Lands or PCD Chamfers

PcBN-tipped tools for hard turning generally need K-lands to be applied and in some situations, such as oil bit slugs, PCD may also need to be chamfered to strengthen the hard, brittle edge.

Using a RM rotary module, these operations can be achieved quickly and accurately.

  • The chamfer is ground accurately relative to the top surface of the PcBN or PCD
  • One corner-tipped indexable insert with a centre hole can easily be ground and chamfered.
RM Rotary Fixture for the RG9