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CNC Grinding Machine for PCD, PcBN and Carbide Tools

Coborn’s RG9 has been purpose designed for grinding the latest, high-tech tool materials. Tool formats which are possible include:

  • PCD & PcBN tipped turning/milling inserts and shank type tools
  • PCD & PcBN multiple radius tools such as grooving tools and blended radii wiper inserts
  • Tools with multiple clearance angles
  • PcBN tipped tools with K-land chamfer
  • Rotary PCD tools such as end mills, reamers, multi-tooth saws
  • PCD single and multiple flute, helical cutters

The ultra-high speed, VS4 vision system links into the Windows based control system and automates:

  • Alignment of the body before grinding so that the diamond tip may be ground to coincide with the carbide base
  • Detection of the PCD/PcBN blank’s braze position thus eliminating crashes and “air-grinding”
  • Final inspection by measuring angles, flanks and radii
  • Compensation for wheel wear so that sizes remain within the tolerances set
  • Compensation for machine / tool deflections
  • System ready to accept robot loading


  • Very robust construction
  • Synthetic granite base
  • 5 standard CNC grinding axes plus 3 CNC camera axes
  • Optional additional rotary & linear axes
  • Optional Robot Loading Cell
  • Optional additional Peripheral Grinding attachment
  • Optional high quality filtration system available (CFU)
  • Touch screen control
  • Coborn precision spindles
  • Programmable rotary wheel dressing
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Audio touch-probe
  • 100 litre coolant tank
  • Menu driven programming
  • LAN & internet connection for networking & remote diagnostics

Brief Specification

Wheel head
Grinding motor 2.2 kW
Speed 0-4,000 rev/min
Oscilation stroke 300 mm max
Oscilation speed 0-50mm/sec
Normal wheel format Vitrified bond, 6A2

Work range
Maximum radius 2,000 mm
Conical clearance 0-25 degrees
Cylindrical clearance 0-25 degrees

Tool holding
Cross-slide travel 40mm
In-feed travel 45mm
Pivot rotation 200 degrees

Main options
Rotary modules RM100 or larger
Linear modules LM50 or larger
Mist filter

CNC Programming

The control system is housed in a convenient tower with room for expansion of drive systems.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is accessed via the touch screen or off-line. It is a multi-tasking system, which means you can run and develop programs at the same time.

You can program the machine via the touch-screen. A program for a complex tool is made up of a series of simple discrete blocks. The software is straightforward, intuitive and purpose-designed with PCD and PcBN tool production in mind. Training takes approximately 3-4 days for the standard 5-axis machine, with additional 2-3 days required for the linear module (LM50) and rotary module (RM100).


The RG9 is an extremely versatile machine, which can make small or large batches of tools, exactly to suit your customer order.

The RG9 features simple, user-friendly software, where simple programming blocks can be built step-by-step to produce the tool forms and geometries you need. This makes it ideal for automotive, aerospace, plastics and hard turning industry applications:

  • Brazed inserts and shank tools
  • Grooving tools
  • Multiple clearance angle tools
  • Saw blades and cutter blocks
  • Multiple radius tools
  • PcBN tools with K-lands
  • Rotary tools such as end mills, reamers, saw blades and cutter blocks
  • Helically ground single & multiple flute PCD cutters
  • Peripheral Grinding

Technical Details

Characteristic RG9
- Machine type CNC Grinding machine for PCD, PcBN
- Dimensions - main machine (w x d x h) 1,520mm x 1,472mm x 1,980mm
- Total machine weight 1,140kg
- Vision system type VS4
- Optical axes X, Y & Z all CNC controlled
- X & Y axis adjustment range and resolution X & Y = 30mm x 0.1µm resolution
- Z axis adjustment range and resolution Z (focus) = 60mm x 10µm
- CNC controlled Yes
- Spindle type Coborn precision, dynamically balanced
- Wheel spindle power 2.2kW
- Speed range 500 - 4,000 rpm (reversible)
- CNC controlled Yes
- In-feed travel available 45mm
- In-feed travel resolution 0.1µm
- Rapid in-feed rate 10mm/sec
- Typical roughing in-feed rate on PCD 12 - 15µm/sec
- Typical finishing in-feed rate on PCD 3 - 5µm/sec
- CNC controlled Yes
- Wheel traverse length 300mm
- Wheel stroke speed 0 - 50mm/sec
- CNC controlled Yes
- Wheel stroke position adjustment 10µm
- CNC controlled Yes
- Inclination (for conial clearance) -0.5 to 25 degrees
- CNC controlled Yes
- Clamping surface size 310 x 180mm
- Cross table travel range 40mm x 0.1µm resolution
- CNC controlled Yes
- Pivot movement 200 degrees
- Pivot position resolution 1.4 seconds of arc
- Tool post hand Right hand fitted as standard
- Tool nest format Square fitted as standard
- Wheels bond type recommended Vitrified 'KILO' bond
- Format Usually 6A2
- Wheel grit size for roughing PCD Typically D25 - D35
- Wheel grit size for finishing PCD Typically D5 - D10
- Wheel arbour Required; allows rapid wheel changes
- Roatary dressing unti Fitted as standard
- Centralised lubrication Fitted as standard
- Coolant unit dimensions (w x d x h) 1,150mm x 500mm x 670mm
- Coolant unit weight 80kg
- Coolant pump power 0.12kW
- Coolant tank capacity 100 litres
- Coolant pump flow rate 50 l/min
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS 3 phase, 415v or 220v

Optional extras - not a complete listing  
1. Rotary axis - RM100
- CNC controlled Yes
- Face plate Yes - for HSK, ISO, MK, Hydraulic chucks etc.
- Maximum cutter diameter with LM50 fitted 150mm
- Maximum cutter length 150mm from front face of spindle
2. Linear axis - LM50
- CNC controlled Yes
- Linear travel 50mm
- Main application Used in conjunction with RM100 for helical tools
3. Larger Rotary and Linear Modules Details on request
4. Robot loading/unloading Details on request
5. Mist extraction system Recommended if no central system available
6. Tool nests Many types available: tilting, round, square, V etc.
Coborn RG9 CNC Grinding Machine for PCD, PcBN and Carbide Tools