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The very successful PB1 has been superseded by the updated PB2. The physical characteristics are exactly the same. The internal design has been simplified and obsolete or non conformity components removed.

This should mean repair prices can be kept to a minimum and the list price and spare part prices can be kept at the same level as the old PB1.

The latest COBORN balancing machine has been designed in-house to fill a niche in the marketplace. It is a portable, hand-held device, battery-powered, and capable of in-situ balancing. Principle uses are for gem polishing skive plates and machine tool spindles.

Easy Operation
Push button operation and auto set up means balancing becomes quick and simple.

Dual Display
Liquid crystal display for data display, and linear scale to show out of balance.

Built-in strobe light for identification of out of balance position. The light is mounted in the rear of the enclosure to enable the displays to be read at the same time.

External custom-designed pickup allows sensitive balances to be obtained.

Battery Powered
The unit is powered from a high powered alkaline battery pack. This enables the user to operate the equipment in any environment. A power supply / battery charger is also supplied as standard.

Standard Equipment Supplied
PB2 portable balancer : Pickup assembly : Magnetic base : Pickup lead : Charger: Carry case : Manual


Coborn PB2 Portable Balancing Machine