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Dynamic Balancing Machines

The DB1 and DB2 range are single plane, static balancing machines. The DB3 and DB4 are two plane, dynamic balancing machines. The Single plane machines are often used for balancing relatively flat objects such as grinding wheels, cutter blocks, impeller, diamond polishing plates etc. The Dynamic machines can be used to balance any rotating component, the DB3 having a maximum component weight of  20 Kgs, and the DB4 of approximately 45 Kgs.

All machines are extremely simple to operate. After calibration the imbalance position, is indicated within approximately 5 seconds of starting the machine.

The exact weight needed for balance can be displayed to a resolution of 1 milligram. The output can also be in ounces. Software provided allows the machines to be connected to a PC for graphical and numerical indication and to allow balancing parameters and results to be printed for certification purposes. Result can be shown in terms of G, g/mm or pass/fail.

Purpose made mandrels are recommended. Coborn are able to produce mandrels to your exact specification or requirements, including Hydraulic Mandrels for small components.

The DB2 range includes thre machines that allow versatility, the basic DB2 has static pillars, the DB2+ has movable pillars allowing various mandrels to be used, and the DB2B has two pick up sensors which are independant, so the component can be balanced on the left or right of the moveable pillars. The DB2B can be changed into a DB3 on-site without mechanical modification, by exchanging the Amplifier, if move complicated components requiring dynamic balancing are undertaken. Please see the Product Information Page for more details about the entire range.


  • Easy to operate, results automatically produced in seconds
  • No skill required
  • Highly accurate results
  • Machines are self tuning and auto ranging
  • Out of balance can be displayed in ounces or grams
  • Out of balance angle shown in degrees
  • Software included for link to PC
  • Polar or virtual meter display

Technical Details

Characteristic DB1 DB2
- Machine type Single plane dynamic balancer Single plane dynamic balancer
- Dimensions
(w x d x h)
600mm x 340mm
x 430mm
590mm x 700mm
x 655mm
- Total machine weight 85kg 120kg
- Mandrel 1 off included
- design as requested
1 off included
- design as requested
- Maximum diameter 220mm 380mm
- Maximum weight 20kg 20kg
- Auto-ranging facility Yes Yes
- Resolution 0.001g 0.001g
- Software for output to PC Included Included
- Electrical requirements 3 phase, 415v or 220v 3 phase, 415v or 220v

MANDRELS (balancing shafts)
1. Hydraulic mandrel Available - capacity 25mm
2. ISO taper mandrel Available
3. HSK mandrel Available
Coborn DB Series Dynamic Balancing Machine