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  • Control System
  • Technical Details

Semi-Automatic Grinding Machine for PCD, PcBN
& Carbide Tools

Coborn’s RG5B-XD is a very rigid machine, purpose designed for grinding the latest, super-hard tool materials. Tool formats possible include:

  • PCD & PcBN tipped turning/milling inserts and shank type tools
  • PCD & PcBN multiple flank and multiple radii tools such as grooving tools
  • Tools with multiple clearance angles
  • PCD tools such as end mills, reamers and multi-tooth saws with optional rotary fixture

Wheel speed, wheel direction, stroke position and stroke amplitude can be set from the touch-screen. These tool blocks can be stored as a tool program for later recall or modification from the in-built industrial PC.

The machine may be fitted with an optical projector or the enclosed VS5-G vision system (as shown).

In-process measurements are possible with the additional VS5-GM vision system measurement module.

Main Options

  • Variable speed inverter drive wheel head
  • Digital pivot angle display
  • Rotary fixtures – CF10 or CF14
  • Central lubrication system
  • Pneumatic pivot lock
  • Hand wheel - fine traverse adjustment
  • Air blast tool drying
  • Audio touch probe
  • Metric or imperial
  • Automatic Pivot (RG5C)

Brief Specification

Wheel head
Grinding motor 2.2 kW
Oscilation 300mm max
Traverse speed 0.1 - 50mm/sec
Acceleration Programmable
Wheel format Vitrified bond, 6A2
In-feed travel 35mm

Steps per tool 25 max
CNC Controller Industrial PC
Back up via Ethernet or USB port
X Y read outs 1 μm

Work range
Cross-slide travel 40mm
Maximum radius 35mm
Conical clearance 0-25 degrees
Cylindrical clearance 0-25 degrees
Pivot motion 200 degrees


  • Extremely rigid construction, designed for PCD tool manufacture. Enhanced working envelope size
  • Touch-screen control program blocks
  • 25 memories for stroke start positions and stroke lengths, programmed reciprocation amplitude with digital position readout
  • One touch, automatic view facility without loss of position
  • 1 micron wheel infeed resolution
  • Conical clearance movement up to 25 degrees. Via a single hand-wheel
  • Tool radius up to 35mm
  • Adjustable grinding pressure
  • Fully compatible with Coborn fixtures
  • Can be fitted with a projector or camera /monitor system/ vision system (VS5)
  • Vision system with measurement module (VSS-M) available
  • Rotary fixtures, tool nest/holders available
  • Can be supplied with or retro-fitted with Automatic Pivot (RG5C)

Control System Features

  • Control via an industrial PC, software by Coborn Engineering
  • Easy to control, no ‘computing’ know-how necessary
  • Input via a large, easy-to-read 15” touch-screen
  • Tool programs quickly and easily developed ensuring minimal setup time
  • Reciprocation amplitude and position stored and adjustable to 1 micron
  • Reciprocating speed stored and adjustable from 0.1 to 50mm per sec
  • Automatic view position facility, allows one-touch viewing and return
  • Digital readout with one micron resolution, switchable from mm to inches
  • Control unit is mounted on double swivel and tilt arm for convenient positioning
  • Remote diagnosis over internet
  • Network to central tool file repository

Technical Details

Characteristic Details
- Machine type Manual PCD Grinding Machine
- Dimensions - main machine (w x d x h) 1,400mm x 1,270mm x 1,860mm
- Total machine weight 7700kg
- Industrial PC + touch screen Yes
- Blocks per tool program 25 maximum
- Block records
   - wheel speed
   - wheel direction
   - wheel position
   - wheel stroke amplitude

- Internet connection Via ethernet port
- Software upgrades, maintenance via Internet Yes
- Options available Microscope / Projector / VS5G / VS5G + M
- Optics adjustment X & Y slides = 30mm; Z slide (focus) = 50mm
- Spindle type Coborn precision, dynamically balanced
- Wheel spindle drive power 2.2kW
- Speed range (if no inverter supplied) Hihg speed - 4,000rpm, Low speed - 2,000rpm
- By hand wheel Yes
- In-feed travel available 45mm
- In-feed travel resolution 1µm (via Renshaw encoder)
- Typical roughing in-feed rate on PCD 12 - 15µm/sec
- Typical finishing in-feed rate on PCD 3 - 5µm/sec
- Grinding pressure adjustment 90 Newtons minimum to be 'locked'
- Maximum stroke length 300mm
- Wheel stroke frequency 0 - 100 Hz (typicaly used at 25Hz)
- By hand wheel Yes
- Wheel stroke position adjustment Repeatability 10µm
- Manually adjusted via one hand wheel Yes
- Inclination (for conical clearance) 0 - 25 degrees
- Clamping surface size 260 x 130mm
- Cross table travel range 30mm
- Cross table position resolution 10µm via vernier scale on handles
- Pivot motion Manual
- Pivot movement 200 degrees
- Pivot setting via vernier stops (4 available)
- Pivot position acuracy +/- 1 minute of arc (readout on touch scren)
- Maximum tool radius 0 - 35mm (40mm possible)
- Tool post hand Righ hand fitted as standard
- Tool nest format Square fitted as standard
- Tool nest height adjustment Yes
- Tool nest tilt (cylindrical clearance} ± 20 degrees
- Wheels bond type recommended Vitrified bond
- Format Usually 6A2
- Wheel grit size for roughing PCD Typically D25 - D35
- Wheel grit size for finishing PCD Typically D5 - D10
- Wheel arbor Required; allows rapid wheel changes
- Method By dressing stick
- Stick recommended Aluminium Oxide, 20mm x 20mm, 400#
- By hand pump to nipples Yes
- Coolant unit dimensions (w x d x h) 1,150mm x 500mm x 670mm
- Coolant unit weight 118kg
- Coolant pump power 0.12kW
- Coolant tank capacity 100 litres
- Coolant ump flow rate 50 l/min
- Electrical Requirements 3 phase, 415v or 220v

1. Inverter for wheel spindle speed control Available
2. CF10 Coning & Indexing Fixture
   - Face plate for adapters
   - Maximum diameter
   - Maximum tool length
Yes - further information available
90mm for HSK, ISO,MK, Hydraulic chucks etc.
160mm from face plate
3. CF14 Coning & Indexing Fixture
   - Face plate for adapters
   - Maximum diameter
   - Maximum tool length
Yes - further information available
105mm for HSK, ISO,MK, Hydraulic chucks etc.
160mm from face plate
4. KF2 - 'K' land attachment
   - For creation of K lands on PcBN tipped inserts
5. Centralised lubrication Available
6. Tool nests Many types available; tilting, round, square, V etc.
7. Left hand tool post Available
8. AD1 - Digital pivot angle read-out Available
9. Auto tool air-blast Available
10. Grinding wheels Available
11. Wheel arbors Available
Coborn RG5B-XD Semi-Automatic Grinding Machine for PCD, PcBN
& Carbide Tools