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This versatile Rotary Grinding Table with built-in sine table and variable speed motor quickly converts a surface grinder to rotary circular work. Highly accurate setups are possible for precision prototype or production toolroom work.


  • .0002” accuracy — guaranteed
  • 4 min. surface finish obtainable
  • Sine plate setting insures perfect flatness in horizontal plane
  • Separate control for convenient positioning
  • Ideal for:
         grinding disks and rings hollow grinding of cutters
         hollow grinding of cutters
         grinding on the front rake on circular gear cutters
         grinding angles, chamfers, radi
         grinding tungsten carbide & non-magnetic materials



Motor 1/4 hp, 4000 rpm, (110v - 60 hz)
Table 0-160 variable RPM
Angle of 150mm Base 0 - 45°
Size (overall) 16-1/4" x 10-1/2" x 9"
Weight 43lbs
   9” magnetic chuck w/adaptor flange 37lbs
   6” magnetic chuck w/adaptor flange 16lbs
   9” T-slot w/adaptor flange 19-1/4lbs
   9” cast iron plain table w/adaptor flange 21lbs
   7-7/8” 3-jaw scroll chuck w/adaptor flange 38lbs
Bowers Roatary Grinding Table